Let's Talk

I would absolutely love to work on a commission with you!


Have a good look around my website and Instagram and bookmark the colours and compositions you love. I like to work really closely with my clients to create something that reflects me as artist but works really well in their home, and will be something they will truly treasure.


Experience has shown me the planning and talking it out takes up the biggest chunk of time in the commission process. Because I have a waiting list if you come to me with a good idea of what you would like with regards to colour palette, composition or flower varieties we can get things moving quickly. It’s wonderful if you can send me photos the space where the piece will have a home, as I can draw on the surroundings to bring either contrast or harmony.


Working with any of your high quality photos of family heirlooms or handmade vessels is a fantastic idea, making the piece unique and personal.


A deposit of 20% is required before the planning starts because of the amount of creative time and energy I pour into it. I charge by liner cm so I can get a quote to you asap, just email me below when you are ready.


So if you love my work lets get together and make something really special!


Xx  Wendy

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